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Heritage Risk Management

All About Us

A Strong Partnership That Builds Close Relationships

At its core, we believe risk management is a people business based on personal relationships. Our independent agencies are able to do a better job of staying close to you, providing a higher level of care and service. We make a genuine effort to understand your specific needs, so we’re able to develop a much more tailored overall solution.

By creating an independent agency network, Heritage Risk Management allows member agencies to remain who they are. At the same time, we bring them a powerful partnership that delivers greater value to clients.

Together, our agencies are able to share best practices while offering you a broader array of products and services. We’re also able to tap into a deeper well of expertise from across our organization to offer you thought leadership in risk management across a myriad of industries. Add to that our expanded support services and increased carrier leverage, and you have an integrated risk management provider with all the capabilities to deliver the best protection possible.

Heritage Risk Management is dedicated to preserving the independent trailblazer spirit our agencies were founded on. With an eye to serving you even better, we look forward to blazing new trails far into the future as well.